Dos preocupantes pandemias

Talking with great friend Tony Jiménez is always a delight. I have to thank my new program, “Dra. Nancy ”, which has allowed me to re-interview intelligent beings, with whom I grow and learn, and who love, like me, to serve and help.

I was surprised when she commented on her great concern that HIV has become “another” pandemic alongside Covid-19. The worst thing is that at first both viruses have the same symptoms of flu: headache and body pain, and fever. If you feel this way, you will probably get an urgent test for Covid, but not for HIV.

If you are HIV, you will go home believing you have nothing, and you will start spreading it to others without realizing it. All of this is kept very quiet, despite the serious evidence.

In the Caribbean, in 2019, there were 330,000 people living with HIV. There are 13,000 new infections and 6,900 related deaths. 63% are adults living with the disease and taking antivirals.

In 2019, in Latin America, there were 2.1 million living with HIV and 120,000 new people were infected. There are 37,000 related deaths. 61% are adults on antiviral treatment.

In 2020, all of this has exploded. The countries with the most infections in Latin America are Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica and Uruguay.

It is good to emphasize what Tony Jiménez told me: it must be taken into account that oral-anal sex, the so-called “black kiss”, can be very dangerous: studies have shown that COVID-19 can be spread through feces .

We really must talk about it, because, if we don’t, we will have two pandemics growing and affecting humanity. We had come a long way with controlling HIV infections, but COVID-19 has prevented many from receiving their antivirals and few have been able to continue to see their doctor frequently.

All this has contributed to the figures soaring, especially in Latin America. Even in the United States, the data is rising, when before it fell rapidly.

We must fight for what we have achieved. I ask the media to make the news known, so that people take care of themselves and avoid contracting a disease that we had more or less controlled.

Let’s remember: «Without a hat, there is no birthday.» In other words, you have to be very clear about the use of a condom. And assume, once and for all, that sexuality must be exercised responsibly. And never pretend to harm others. Please keep him in mind at every sexual encounter.

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